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Connor O'Neil

Thanks to Sachin for writing

Connor O'Neil, Irish backpacker appeared in Erinsborough in 2002 and is the father to Madeleine Lee. He is one of the main characters in the show, and lives at Number 30- The House of Trouser.

Connor O'Niell, arrived at Ramsay Street as a friend of Jack Scully, he had also met with Mal Kennedy in the airport, and had accidently picked up his bag. The residents of Ramsay St. were quick to become suspicious of him and he was blamed for every robbery and misdeed that occured in the street.

As the story lines for Connor passed on, he revealed that he was illiterate to Mal Kennedy, starting a relationship with local girl- Michelle Scully and being blackmailed by the nasty Tahnee Coppin. His charming ways also attracted other girls living around the street, one of them being Nina Tucker. Over the years, his relationship with Michelle Scully broke down, especially when he discovered Nina's beautiful singing talent.

Over the years, Connors character grew and grew. He had a child with Lori
Lee- Maddy Lee, he started up a bikini shop with Jarrod "Toadfish" and Serena, and he started a relationship with Serena too- unfortunately, their relationship was quickly ended when Connor's nasty ex-girlfriend- Carmelle appeared in the street. Carmella wasted no time with Connor, and started to hit on him straight away. It wasn't until Carmella realised Connor was in a relationship with Serena, that she turned on local-vixen Isabelle Hoyland for advice.

Connor's relationship with Serena, diminished, and he tried and tried to win her back. He was then granted his wish, when Serena told him they could start again, but they would need to talk. They decided to talk about their future together during Paul Robinson's Lovejoy to Tasmania flight- where Paul would celebrate the twnety-fifth year for Lassiters. Unfortunatelly, Connor's future with Serena was stolen from him, when she died in the plane crash of 2005.

Connor survived the plane crash, and was left stranded on an island. He soon found another survivor of the plane crash on the island- Dylan. The two ran away, attempting to survive on rabbits and fish. But they soon returned to Ramsay Street, where Connor attempted to start a new life for himself.
Befriending Harold, Connor and Harold bathed themselves in their misery over their lost love ones of the flight. They also started to blame Paul Robinson for their misforunes.

But their friendship soon came to an end after jealousy over-took Harold's
grandaughter- Sky Mangel and best friend- Lou Carpenter.

Connor is still trying to attempt to live a life without Serena. Over the many celebrations of the House of Trouser boys and parties with Isabelle Hoyland, he has managed to forget. But his memories of that day of misfortune were triggered, when he met Carmella again, who had built herself an extraordinary new life- in a convent, as a nun.

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