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Declan Napier

Written by DreamGirl.

Declan Napier (played by James Sorenson)

Declan Napier (son of Rebecca Napier) made his debut as a troubled lad, delving into the odd bit of petty crime. Thinking that was acceptable, as all the money he gathered went towards household finances and he wasn't hurting anyone. Unbeknownst to his mother Rebecca, who thought he was earning his keep from paper-rounds. And it wasn't until he was caught using runaway Mickey Gannon in one of his schemes that she found out the truth.

However, despite getting caught up on the wrong side of the law from time to time, Declan has gone to prove that he isn't a bad boy at heart. Although misunderstood he may be, he had a tuff time proving people wrong. Since his arrival he's been caught for underage drinking to drag racing and has been grounded many a time. Along the way he's also managed to form grudges against his older brother Oliver and father figure Paul.

The one thing Declan has found easy since he moved to Erinsborough though, is making friends of local schoolboys Zeke Kinski and Ringo Brown. With Bridget Parker being the exception. Didge and Declan shared a spark between them as soon as they first laid eyes on each other. Bridget appeared to dismiss his wayward ways and has shared a special friendship with him ever since.

Although their relationship took for the worst, when Bridget was involved in a hit and run accident, leaving her paralysed down one side of her body. Declan struggled to come to terms with the idea of having a girlfriend who used a walking frame, and by time he had finally come to terms with it all, Bridget had already moved on with mature hunk Josh Taylor. Declan tried his best to win her back, and after much persistence and persuasion, the two of them are now reunited.
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