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Elle Robinson

Thanks to Sachin for writing

Lucinda otherwise known as Elle Robinson, is the extremely spoilt daughter of Paul Robinson. She lives at number 22, Ramsay Street in Erinsborough.

Elle's first appearance at Erinsborough was at the Scarlet Bar. She was sitting at a bench, waiting to be served a drink, until she heard Ned talking to someone by the name of Paul. Elle was intrigued, and started to talk to Ned. She was soon joined by Stuart, Connor, Toady and Serena who were all introduced to Elle by Ned. Elle asked alot of questions about Paul and enjoyed hearing Toady and Serena talk about Paul as "Satan" Elle then asked if they would like to join her at Paul's hotel- Lassiters to spend the night. Stuart, Connor and Toady agreed, but Serena said that she ought to go home.

Elle spent the night with the boys drinking and thrashing the hotel room until morning. An outraged Paul sped up to Lassiters when he heard about what was going on, and was even more surprised when Elle saw him and said:
Hi dad. Elle told Paul that she wanted to get to know him better, for she had never known him well enough as a daughter should know a father. Paul agreed that they should get to know each other better and told Elle that she would love Izzy.

Elle soon met Izzy and was not impressed. Surprised that Izzy had moved in so soon with her dad, Elle told Izzy smugly that she was family and could move in anytime she liked. Izzy just smiled. The two clearly hated each other.

Elle soon got plotting to make her dad hate Izzy. Over the next few weeks, Elle caught Izzy taking drugs and told Paul. When Paul told her about what Izzy had been going through over the last few weeks, Elle was annoyed, but was still determined to force Izzy to move out. Elle started drugging Izzy's food. When Izzy got suspicious, and gave Elle her plate to eat, Elle was forced to throw the food out and Izzy was in the clear of Elle's evil plans.

Elle started to develop a huge crush on Ned Parker. She was heart-broken when she found out Ned had no feelings for her, but was determined to at least be friends with him. When Elle found out that Ned had kissed Izzy, she went to Paul, determined to get rid of Izzy once and for all.

Paul continued to be on Izzy's side and Elle gave up. Izzy though was sick of Elle's jealous behaviour and drugged her own food- pretending that Elle had drugged it herself. Pretending that Elle had did it, Paul got extremely annoyed and told Elle that she would have to leave. Elle was heartbroken but packed her bags and was ready the next day.

However, Paul told her to stay, Elle was delighted and promised Izzy that from now on they would be friends. Izzy was glad and told Elle that she was too strong for her anyway.

Later on, Elle was caught up in the plane crash that three of the Ramsay Street residents died in. After Izzy saved her life, and stopped Elle from drowning, Elle turned over a new leaf and decided to stop her jealous feelings for Izzy and just enjoy life the way it is.

By the end of 2005, Elle and Ned were going out and life for Elle was perfect. It wasn't untl 2006 when her life went upside-down.

Sick of her dad's controlling ways, Elle told Paul and Izzy that she going to move to Tasmania with Ned and that she was never, ever coming back. Paul was devastated and Izzy at once went scheming to prevent Elle from leaving.
Izzy seduced Ned to prevent Elle from leaving, and even went to Sydney with him to please him. She was later on forced to tell Paul and Elle. While Paul was shocked and disgusted, Elle was outraged. She called Izzy an "evil stepmother" and that her life was way better without her.

She then ran outside and came face-to-face with her evil brother Robert, pretending to be her good brother Cameron. Elle was delighted and acted all snobby to Izzy, even when Izzy tried to make things up with Elle. Meanwhile, Elle's life is in danger. Her evil brother had already killed a friend of Paul's and tried to electrocute his own girlfriend- Katya Kinski, and everyday he comes closer to killing her.
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