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Janelle Timmons

Thanks to Sachin for writing.

Janelle, the lazy mother of Dwayne, Brandon, Dylan, Janae and Scott Timmons
arrived in Ramsay Street in 2004. She is loud and boisterous and sometimes
she can be hard to get along with. The reason behind all her faults is her
tireless raising-up of all her five children without her husband.

Janelle managed to have many funny times in Ramsay Street. She had a fling
with Robert "Bobby" Hoyland, a bike-ride battle with her boisterous
competitor in business and even wrote a book. Her book proved a big success,
even if it did annoy the other residents of Ramsay Street: Max Hoyland, Karl
Kennedy and Joseph Mangle. She also had a fight with local mother Susan
Kennedy-Smith and she and her family moved into Lynette Scully's place.

Lynette threw them out though, but later let them in again. It was in the
year of 2005, that Janelle found out the devastating news: Her son, Dylan
was lost at sea after a plane crash/bomb. Janelle grieved and even spoke at
his memorial, where he returned! Janelle also reunited with her husband Kym
Timmons in the year of 2005 and the they became a happy couple.

In 2005, boisterous Janelle had fitted in with all the residents of Ramsay
Street, her favourites being Susan Kennedy-Smith/Kinski, Isabelle Hoyland,
Lynette Scully and Stephanie Hoyland-Scully. She had a boxing match with her
sister in-law- Angeline Rebecci and proposed to Kym. She has recently found
out that Bree Timmons is not her biological daughter and that her husband,
Kym, has taken part in an illegal DVD business.
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