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Ned Parker

Thanks to Sachin for writing

Ned Parker, the nice younger brother of Stuart and Steve Parker, is gullible and truthful. His nice personality allows himself to be thrown easily into plots and he doesn't like people who lie.

Ned Parker entered Neighbours in 2005 and came early to surprise his
brother- Stuart. He unfortunately ended up into the house of Lynette Scully, and Janelle Timmons caught him inside her house, wearing no more than just a towel draped around his hips. Janelle freaked out and Ned quickly caught up, and moved quickly into Stuart's house. Unfortunately, he wasn't in time to surprise him.

Ned surprised the boys from the House of Trouser. He was very exposive and didn't mind changing in public- even in front of a girls, which he once was about to do in front of Serena Bishop, Connor's girlfriend at the time. His unawareness when girls started flirting with him shocked Jarrod "Toadfish"
and at once Jarrod came to the assumption that Ned was gay.

Ned turned out to be very annoying for Stuart. He continuously asked Stuart about Sindi (Stuart's sick wife) and even pushed Stuart into a lake, after Stuart had just been to hospital. It was then, Ned started to take more responsibility for his actions. He turned things around, even with the many obstacles in his way: Jarrod assuming that he was gay, Connor continuously avoiding him and Stuart's depressing nature.

Ned, being a country-boy and working in his parent's farm for many years, also turned out to be very helpful. He didn't mind helping the old men at the cofee shop and even ocassionally hung around at the Starlight Bar, serving drinks. He was working there one night, when he came across Elle Robinson. Elle Robinson overheard him talking to Paul Robinson on the phone, and at once started questioning him. Ned answered them, and even when the boys from the House of Trouser came along, he didn't notice that Elle was flirting with him!

Elle lead Ned, Stuart, Jarrod and Connor into her hotel room at Lassiters, and Ned spent the whole night there, unaware of Elle's flirtatious guestures. It was later on in that day, he realised, when his brother told him!

Ned found it hard to get along with Elle, who was consistently asking him out. He started to get attracted to Isabelle Hoyland- Elle's beautiful step-mother, after Paul asked Ned if he could look after Isabelle for her.
Ned ended up kissing Isabelle, but she pulled away and told him to leave.
Later on, he started a conversation about this to Isabelle, Elle ended up hearing this and a drama was at once on it's way!

After the whole confusion was cleared, and Isabelle made it dead straight that she loved Paul. Ned started to get interested in Elle. He ended up kissing her on finale week, and they got together.

It was in 2006, when Ned's work went upside-down.

Ned and Elle started to plan to move to Tasmania, Paul was shocked and told her not to do. He got so depressed over it, that Isabelle ended up scheming to get Elle and Ned to break up. That way, the whole trip to Tasmania would be over. She cornered Ned into her office at the Scarlet Bar and kissed him.
Ned was amazed and dumped Elle. Isabelle ended up seeing Ned more times that she could bare and decided to get rid of him for good.

Ned was told by Isabelle, to go to Sydney to try out his talent in a musical. Ned told her she would have to come with him, so she did. She then faked Paul's sickness and they ended up back in Erinsborough. Isabelle then told him she couldn't come to Sydney with him, and that he would need to follow his dreams without her.

Ned was sad, but he still went. He won the place in the musical, but came back to Erinsborough, telling Isabelle that his love for her was far too great. He ended up hearing the truth from Paul and turned on Isabelle.
Isabelle let him down and he decided to get his revenge on the Robinsons by the easiest way possible.

He took up a job with the police as a ticket-officer, giving tickets to cars. He gave Paul and Isabelle twice as many tickets as he did to anyone else, and decided to change his personality from friendly to mean. He has recently recovered from his mean-phase, gotten over Isabelle and has started to sing in the Scarlet Bar.
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