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Robert Robinson

Thanks to Sachin for writing.

The evil and devious son of Paul Robinson is up to no good. His only
intention to get revenge over Paul for not being there when he was growing
up, Robert has already killed one of Paul's friends and tried to electrocute
his own girlfriend- Katya Kinski.

Robert Robinson came to Erinsborough pretending to be Cameron- his perfect
twin brother who he put in a coma. His first intentions to turn Paul and
Izzy against each other didn't work, so he settled for smaller fry to get
rid of like Dylan Timmons. By messing up every single project Paul gave
Dylan, Dylan was soon fired and Robert chose his next target- Izzy.

But while all this was happening, Robert started dating the beautiful girl
next door, Katya Kinski and was smitten. But Katya's flattering nature was
softening him and Robert had to try to get rid of her if he was going to get
revenge on his father. Taking Katya, far away into the bush, Robert
attempted to electrocute her, but Katya fell off a cliff and Robert ended up
saving her. It was then, when Robert found out that he truly loved Katya.

Robert's next project was on Paul's friend Sean. Sean was helping Paul on
the baby-belt project and Robert was at once determined to get rid of anyone
who would benefit his father. He then found out that Sean was part of
Katya's filthy past and was even more determined to get rid of him.
Especially when Sean blackmailed Katya into telling her family about her.

Robert murdered Sean, Paul and Izzy were in a crisis, and Katya was
suspicious about Sean's disappearance. Robert his all the clues that would
make him a suspect of Sean's murder and continued plotting his Robinson
Revenge plan. There are probably big things in the future for Robert, and
his evil plans may come to the death of the Robinsons.
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