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Stephanie Hoyland

Thanks to Melissa for writing.

Stephanie Hoyland (played by Carla Bonner)

Steph was a mechanic at Lous garage before falling pregnant. She lives at number 32 with her husband and his 2 children. Steph is the wife of Max and the daughter of Joe and Lynn Scully, shee has 2 sisters Flick and Shell and 2 brothers Jack and Oscar. She is step mom to Boyd and Summer and is 9 months pregnant with baby Charlie. Her grandparents are Valda and the late Charlie.

When Steph first came to Ramsay Street in 2000 she was the original tom boy with her love for motor bikes, leather and sports and she developed a crush on local neighbour Drew Kirk but was devastated when he went on to marry her best friend Libby. She got over the heartbreak though and found love with Marc Lambert local tycoon but once again had his heart broken when she was at the altar and discovered that he had been having a fling with her sister Flick.

Next disaster happened when her old love Woody got in touch from in prison foolishly she started visiting him and developed feelings once again for him when he was released from jail she convinced her sceptical parents that they were truly in love and they let him move in until Steph and Woddy were in a accident in which he "died" she was left dumb founded especially when months later he turned up on her doorstep telling her how he had faked his death and been in witness protection as his life was in danger. Steph couldn\'t trust him again and they were finished. So she had a fling with an old prison friend of Woody\'s named Mitch who set her up to take the blame when he staged a robbery at the company that she worked MOCO a robbery for which she very nearly went to jail.

In 2003 she realised that she was falling in love with local single father Max Hoyland but this was the last thing on her mind when she found a lump and discovered that she was suffering from cancer she opted to keep this a secret from all her friends and family apart from Jack and doctor Kennedy but when her family and Max found out they couldn\'t have been more supportive and she had her first break of luck when her cancer went into remission and she ended up marrying Max in a typical ceremony where the bride wore jeans.

The happiness was not to last long though as when her granddad died peacefully in her sleep she was arrested for assisting his death even though she was innocent she was convicted and got a good behaviour bond which she later appealed against and her name was cleared.

Max and Steph decided to try for a baby but hit problems as her cacncer had left her with problems conceiving so they decided to adopt and were thrilled when they were accepted and introduced to a pregnant girl whos baby they would get to keep. But all that was ruined when they became too involved with her and Boyd got close to her and was present at the birth this convinced him that he wanted to be daddy to the baby and once more Steph\'s dreams were shattered.

Just a few months later Steph had a miracle happen when she found out that she was pregnant and has been blissfully happy since that is until she started having dreams of Drew she figured out that they must mean something and she checked herself and the cancer has returned and she is refusing treatment until the baby is safely born. She even went as far as to recording a message for her unborn child in case she doesn\'t survive.
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